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Reman Engines

Reman Engines

Cummins & Detriot Diesel engines

4 Cylinder Reman Engines for Railcar movers:

- 453N: Natural, 453T: Turbo
- Detroit and Cummins

6 Cylinder Reman Engines for Railcar movers:

- 653N: Natural
- Detriot and Cummins

Brand new components:
- Pistons

- Gaskets
- Bearings
- Filters
- Cylinder heads
- Complete fuel system with brand new lines.

Reman engines are all Dyno-tested.

 Includes a 1-year warranty with a 2,000-hour warranty.

15 engines in stock at multiple locations: Kansas City, MO | Decatur, IL | St. Louis, MO

Every reman engine is shipped in a custom made pallet specifically for these engines to protect them when they are shipped. We offer expert installation is available, call or email Clark for details. 314-810-0126 CMaddox@WieseUSA.com

Recommended Accessories:
Flex Plate, Fiber Gear, Belts, and Hoses

Reman Transmissions are also available if needed. (Clark, Allison & Funk)

For more information, contact us via our online request form above or call us at 877-943-7311.

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