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Maximize The Use Of Your Fleet

By providing companies with professional management, Wiese Fleet Management Services are designed to control material handling expenses.

  • Identification of hidden costs
  • Increase your return on investment
  • Uncover solutions
Our Fleet Management Services Group works with large operations across the USA; with over 70 years of material handling expertise, you can put your trust in Wiese to do what we do best – so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Fleet Plan Development

For many companies, managing a forklift fleet or other material handling equipment can be a real distraction. For many companies, fleet management is the most time consuming and costly expense after payroll. We strive to maximize the use of your fleet at the lowest cost per hour. Utilizing a Four-Step Process, we:

Audit & Plan:

  • Identify and locate components of your fleet
  • Determine use, location needs, and cost per operating hour
  • Understand and plan vehicle utilization and best fit service programs
  • Plan procurement procedures and national account purchasing


  • Based on data and plan, identify opportunities to save and establish fleet size for location
  • Select appropriate vehicles for location based on need
  • Identify other potential savings


  • Install personalized systems while training personnel to best support and maintain the fleet.
  • Units are identified with a serial number and hour meter to collect data by location
  • Invoice processing system installation ensures costs are properly allocated and services verified

Measurement & Management:

  • Long term collection of data and reporting under fleet management software
  • Reduce maintenance and operating costs
  • Provide more effective long range capital planning
  • Manage OSHA regulations and documentation

More On Measurement & Management:

Online Reporting Tracks

Utilization Summary

Utilization Matrix

Expense Report

Savings Log

Asset Listing

Unit & Service Review
New Equipment

New Equipment



Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment

Used Equipment

Used Equipment



Fleet Management

Fleet Management

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