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Floor Care

Clean facilities equate to a safer, more productive work environment. Wiese only features expertly engineered technology.

  • Sweepers
  • Scrubbers
  • Sweeper-Scrubber combination units

Clean Floors are Safe Floors

Sending every team member home healthy is part of the Wiese culture. When your campus, warehouse, and workplace floors are clean, your workplace is safer. With cleaning solutions and equipment from Wiese, you can ensure your workplace is healthy and safe.

Contact a Wiese Industrial Floor Cleaning Specialist today to arrange a demonstration the Advance Hybrid CS7000 or to inquire about our quality rental and used units.

Sweepter Trucks At Wiese.

Sweeper Trucks

These trucks are good for a range of cleaning, from your entire campus to your warehouse. Indoor and outdoor models are available.

  • Battery Powered
  • Gas Powered
  • L.P. or Diesel Powered
Floor Scrubbers At Wiese.

Floor Scrubbers

These labor-saving riding scrubbers are able to keep your warehouse and manufacturing floor clean.

  • Compact models for indoor operation
  • Heavy-duty tractor scrubbers for garages and outdoor facilities
Sweeper and Scrubber Trucks At Wiese.

Sweeper/Scrubber Trucks

Save time, money, and double your productivity with user convenient trucks.

  • Eliminates need for pre-sweeping
  • No need to clean out wet, messy debris tray
Outdoor Sweeper Trucks Available At Wiese.

Outdoor Sweeper Trucks

Whether you are cleaning congested university campus streets or airport tarmacs, Wiese has the right equipment for your operation.

  • Municipal, outdoor, and public maintenance cleaning
  • Concrete and asphalt surfaces
Cleaning Solutions On Sale And Available At Wiese.

Cleaning Solutions

Wiese offers a full-line of cleaning solutions, allowing you to determine the best cleaning solution for your operation.

  • Full line of super-concentrated cleaning solutions
  • With only the addition of water, it is a cost-effective way to distribute bulk cleaning chemicals

Floor Care & Cleaning Solutions

All the power. Twice the efficiency. Lowest cost of ownership.

Available in three models, LPG-Hybrid, Diesel-Hybrid and ePower™ Battery, the CS7000 delivers unparalleled performance, while replacing power-hungry, high-maintenance hydraulic systems with efficient, state-of-the-art Electric Drive technology.

Whichever model you choose, the CS7000 delivers a lower cost of ownership and the most sustainable cleaning solution in its class.

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