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Automated Guided Vehicle Systems

Based on our standard series of production trucks, Jungheinrich’s automated tow tractor and automated vertical order picker combine proven mechanical engineering with precise navigation technology. Jungheinrich AGVs also facilitate a smooth connection to any host system, such as your preferred Warehouse Management System (WMS) or ERP platform, allowing for easier and seamless integration into your existing workflow.

Automated Stacker EKS 215A Available at Wiese
Automated Stacker EKS 215A

The EKS 215a is an automated guided vehicle based on our vertical order pickers. It combines tried-and-tested mechanical engineering with innovative automation, including accurate navigation technology.

Automated Tow Tractor EZS 350A NA At Wiese
Automated Tow Tractor EZS 350A NA

The EZS 350a NA Electric Tow Tractor is based on Jungheinrich’s proven tow tractor series by combining precision navigation technology to take care of your transportation automatically, accurately, and reliably.

Let our Jungheinrich AGV specialists help guide you through our tried-and-tested integration process to ensure a seamless and successful process based on your unique business needs.

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