Safety Gate

Trackmobile Safety Gate

Wiese Rail Services Safety GateHelp protect your busy employees in the railyards with the optional Trackmobile Safety Gate. The Trackmobile Safety Gate is a self-closing, spring-loaded, swing gate that helps to reduce the risk of work place injury. Located at the top of each set of steps, these 15-pound safety gates help prevent potential missteps that could lead to a slip and fall injury in the workplace. Each safety gate provides an extra level of precaution to help increase workplace safety and reduce accidental injuries. The Trackmobile Safety Gate remains closed until the employee pulls the safety gate inward to exit through it.

Popular Trackmobile Options

Trackmobile serves many different industries receiving materials through rail service or rail yards. Each industry represents its own unique challenges in their daily operations. To meet these demands, we offer a wide variety of options to customize your Trackmobile.

Not Finding What you Need?

Our technical experts understand that no two applications are the same. Contact Wiese Rail Services today so we can help you with a customized the right solution to fit your needs.