Dock and Door Service

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Dock and Door Service


Wiese Dock and Door Technicians are your resource for all your loading dock and door service and maintenance needs. With one call, your Wiese service technician will be there to keep your business running, helping to save you from costly downtime.

Wiese is always here to make sure every one of your loading docks and doors are in top operating condition. Safety is our top priority. We make sure every door in your facility is in top operating condition with semi-annual checkups from a certified Wiese Dock and Door Technician.


From new construction and installation to routine and emergency maintenance, keeping your loading docks in peak condition is essential to your business. Wiese installs and maintains docks of every configuration, ensuring your docks, levelers, restraints, controls, and doors exceed quality and safety standards.

• Safety Inspection
• Preventative Maintenance
• New Installation
• Emergency Repairs
• Environmental Safety


Wiese provides a comprehensive parts and scheduled maintenance program that will reduce the costs of downed dock and door equipment by diagnosing issues before they become a problem. With more than 75 years of experience, Wiese services all types of dock and door equipment including loading dock levelers, lifts, vehicle restraints, safety systems and more. Plus, our stock of replacement parts and accessories is unmatched.

Typical planned maintenance will cover cleaning, inspecting, lubricating, and making adjustments as needed. Looking for flexibility? Wiese will create a Parts and Service program customized to your business. Wiese sets the standard for implementing comprehensive and customized solutions to help our customers achieve their specific business objectives and goals.


You can count on Wiese for industrial and commercial doors for both interior and exterior applications. Wiese will install dock and door equipment from industry leading door manufacturers, with specialty door systems for your industry, environment, and application, including:
• Manufacturing
• Warehouse and Distribution Centers
• Transportation
• Pharmaceutical
• Food Processing
• Retail

Our leading manufacturers include McGuire, Dynaco, Chase Doors, Jamison, Clopay Corporation, Gateway Industrial Products, C.H.I. Overhead Doors,