Industrial Fans

Optimize Warehouse Air Quality and Temperature

Warehouse ventilation fans are essential for regulating indoor humidity levels and pollutants. By expelling stale, contaminated air and introducing fresh outdoor air, they mitigate the risk of equipment damage caused by excessive heat, humidity, and airborne particles infiltrating machinery.

Indoor air quality is paramount across diverse warehouse settings, from storage facilities to manufacturing plants. Elevated levels of carbon dioxide, pathogens, dust, and humidity pose health hazards to employees. Mechanical ventilation systems, encompassing ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and wall supply fans, offer an economical and efficient solution to combat these air quality issues and mitigate heat build-up.

HVLS Fan Solutions

Wiese collaborates with MacroAir to address the specific heating and cooling challenges encountered in large warehouse and manufacturing environments. Our range of solutions caters to various space sizes and requirements.

Small Warehouse Space Solution

The AirVolution-D Model 370, ideal for spaces with ceiling heights of 10 to 12 feet, blends aesthetics with functionality. Suited for compact settings like offices, restaurants, and lobbies, its sleek design and customizable color options make it a seamless addition to any environment.

Medium to Large Warehouse Spaces

The AirVolution-D fan series excels in controlling temperature and humidity in medium to large areas such as auto shops, gymnasiums, and agricultural facilities. Offering cost-effective performance, the AirVolution-D3 model outperforms leading competitors’ entry-level offerings, making HVLS fan technology more accessible than ever.

Extra-Large Warehouse Spaces

For heavy-duty applications in extra-large spaces like warehouses, airplane hangars, and stadiums, the AirVolution-D Model 780 delivers superior performance. With its lightweight design and easy mounting process, it eliminates the need for guy wires or additional support systems.

Enhance Warehouse Ventilation

All types of warehouses, from product storage facilities to manufacturing plants, stand to benefit from mechanical ventilation. Our industrial warehouse fans efficiently circulate air, expel stale air, and introduce fresh air, ensuring a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment.

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