Industrial Fans

Warehouse and Industrial Fans

Warehouse ventilation fans can help control indoor humidity levels and pollutants by removing stale, contaminated air and replacing it with fresh outdoor air. Excessive heat and humidity levels combined with indoor air pollution can damage your heavy machinery by allowing dust and dirt into the moving parts and contributing to equipment overheating situations.

Maintaining indoor air quality is a primary concern for all types of warehouse facilities, including storage facilities, manufacturing plants and machine shops, due to the potential for carbon dioxide build-up, pathogens, dust and excess levels of humidity. These indoor air quality problems can negatively impact the health of your employees. Mechanical ventilation, including ceiling fans, exhaust fans and wall supply fans, is an affordable and effective way to combat warehouse air pollutants and excessive levels of heat.

HVLS Fan Solutions

Wiese understands the unique challenges that large warehouse and manufacturing operations face when heating and cooling spaces and works with our partners at MacroAir to provide the right solution for your warehouse.

Small Warehouse Space Solution

Industrial ceiling fans ideal for ceiling heights of 10 to 12 feet tall. Sleek looks and two custom color options add to its appeal, allowing it to blend with any setting. For small spaces like offices, restaurants, and lobbies, the AirVolution-D Model 370 is a perfect fit.

Medium to Large Warehouse Spaces

For medium to large spaces, the AirVolution-D fan is extremely effective at controlling temperature and humidity. Ideal locations include auto shops, gymnasiums, and agricultural applications like dairy farms and equine facilities. Designed to be the most cost-effective HVLS fan on the market today, the MacroAir AirVolution-D3 blows away our leading competitor’s entry-level model. For the first time, cost doesn’t have to be a barrier to an HVLS fan.

Extra-Large Warehouse Spaces

Designed for heavy-duty applications, the AirVolution-D Model 780 is perfect for extra-large spaces like warehouses, airplane hangars, airports, and stadiums. Lighter weight and easy mounting without guy wires or extra support systems.


All types of warehouses from product storage facilities, machine shops and manufacturing plants can benefit from mechanical ventilation. Our industrial warehouse fans are designed to efficiently and effectively circulate the air inside your warehouse, vent stale air and allow fresh air inside.