Order Pickers


Simply put, Jungheinrich Order Pickers save you money and make your operations run more efficiently.

Wiese and Jungheinrich will save you money

Order Pickers Improve Warehouse Productivity

The Total Warehouse Solution. Jungheinrich order pickers feature superior run times and powerful performance to help your operators work confidently – on the ground and at high lift heights. Jungheinrich Order Pickers solve the most challenging high-reaching warehouse needs by helping to increase your pick rates at reach heights of up to thirty-six (36) feet. Order Pickers help operators reach the tallest racks for order picking.

Jungheinrich can offer multiple models because of their global manufacturing operations in the United States and Europe. Discover our wide range of Jungheinrich Order Pickers designed specifically for your application: Low-Level Order Picker EKS110, High-Level Order Picker EKS 412S and EKS 414S, High-Level Order Picker EKS 314, as well as the Small-Parts Order Picker EKM 202. These Order Pickers will save you money by offering extended 1,000-hour service intervals reducing the need for routine maintenance.

Key stability features along with an advanced ergonomic design keep your operators comfortable throughout their shift. Ergonomic working conditions are a fundamental part of the order picker truck designs, including vibration-cushioned platforms, intuitive control panels, low entry height and sufficient space for the operator.

Top travel and hydraulic lift speeds take order picking efficiency and performance to the next level. Order Pickers can run up to sixteen (16) operating hours guaranteed on one battery charge, maximizing your operator’s productivity with more picks per shift.

See how our full line of order pickers can help optimize your business. Our technical experts understand that no two warehouse applications are the same. Contact Wiese today so we can help you with a customized and tailored solution to fit your needs.