Forklift Solutions by Industry

Wiese sells forklifts to warehouses and distribution centers

Customized Solutions


One of the top industry uses for forklifts is within warehouses and distribution centers. Warehouses and distribution centers require forklifts to load, unload, and transport materials to delivery trucks and storage and shelving units. Forklifts and other material handling equipment allow facilities to quickly move products within their facility and from delivery trucks to storage racks and more.

Whether you are working in hot, humid, or cold storage applications, there’s no limit to the variety of solutions we can help customize for your industry. Wiese’s diverse range of products and factory installed options can handle your toughest and most unique challenges.

When it comes to finding the right forklift for your operation, managers must consider the type of forklift they’re buying. As our customer, you have access to a wide range of material handling equipment from top brands like Caterpillar, Jungheinrich, and Mitsubishi. With the largest inventory of material handling equipment in the country, you’ll have access to a wide range of resources to meet your individual needs.

We can solve your most complex challenges no matter what it takes. Every single time.

Not finding what you need?

Our technical experts understand that no two applications are the same. Contact Wiese today so we can help you with a customized and tailored solution to fit your needs.

Industries we work with

At Wiese, we have decades of experience working in a variety of industries including general manufacturing, food manufacturing, beverage bottling and distribution, retail operations, freight, rail yard, oil and gas, forging and casting, general warehouse and distribution centers, e-commerce, lumber yard, shipping ports, construction, and more.

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