Train Air Charge Indicator

Trackmobile Train Air Charge Indicator

Wiese Rail Services Trackmobile Train Air Charge IndicatorThe Trackmobile Train Air Charge Indicator is a device that monitors the brake pipe’s air flow when charging the railcars. If your railcars air reservoirs are not fully charged, there will not be maximum braking available. The charge indicator shows the flow of air to those reservoirs. When it drops to zero or levels off, the brakes are fully charged and capable of braking at full capacity.

The Train Air Charge Indicator is a Trackmobile exclusive option. This indicator offers real-time feedback on the train air system. This is just one more way to ensure safety is top of mind on your job site.

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Trackmobile serves many different industries receiving materials through rail service or rail yards. Each industry represents its own unique challenges in their daily operations. To meet these demands, we offer a wide variety of options to customize your Trackmobile.

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