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Trackmobile Railcar Movers

Wiese USA and Trackmobile have partnered to provide best-in-class railcar movers for your business. Trackmobile combines the ease-of-use of heavy-duty diesel equipment with rugged railroad locomotive capabilities, without requiring expensive idle time, single mode of operation, or length and bulk associated with locomotive engines.

Trackmobile is the leading manufacturer of bi-modal railcar movers. Wiese partnered with Trackmobile because they set the standard for railcar movement equipment that is efficient, cost effective, safe, and easy to operate. Trackmobile provides the best value with the lowest operational lifetime cost in the industry. Trackmobile railcars are highly customizable for your unique business application.

Trackmobile efficiently replaces locomotives and switching engines in-use anywhere railcar movement is required, excluding mainline rail operations unless for maintenance of way activity.

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