Reach Trucks

The Jungheinrich Advantage

Simply put, Jungheinrich Reach Trucks save you money and make your operations run more efficiently.

Wiese and Jungheinrich will save you money

Optimize Space in your Warehouse with Reach Trucks

The best way to optimize space in your warehouse is to increase your rack height and decrease your aisle width. The solution to navigating through narrow aisles – Reach Trucks. Jungheinrich Reach Trucks are made for these conditions and ensure extremely efficient operation, especially in warehouses with tall aisles.

The Jungheinrich Reach Trucks offer higher capacities at taller lift heights, up to 550 inches. The compact construction and outstanding lifting capacity allows operators to navigate very narrow aisles and still be able to reach higher racking. And best of all, Jungheinrich electric reach trucks operate two shifts on one charge making your productivity greater. On average, we are 35% more efficient than our competitors.

Load handling in warehouses requires frequent movements and maneuvering, often in confined spaces and at steep heights. Besides their outstanding maneuverability, special display and assistance systems support the driver to allow safe and quick handling. The design of the driver’s cab and the masts provides optimum, all-round visibility. In addition, the driver’s cab and control elements are developed based on the driver’s individual ergonomic requirements.

Our technical experts understand that no two applications are the same. Contact Wiese today so we can help you with a customized and tailored solution to fit your needs.