Dock and Door

Dock and Door

Loading Dock and Door Equipment

Improve your warehouse loading and unloading zones and increase worker safety with reliable loading dock equipment from Wiese. Wiese provides engineered solutions for loading dock equipment and supplies from trusted brands like McGuire and Fairborn. Our focus is on energy efficiency and safety with every installation so we can keep your business moving forward.

Choosing the right loading dock equipment helps prevent damage to goods, equipment, and workers through bad weather and extreme temperatures. The team at Wiese will do whatever it takes to make sure you get the right equipment for your unique needs. Our equipment will help your workers with smooth delivery between forklifts (or other industrial vehicles) and transport trucks. Having the right loading dock equipment can also help prevent serious accidents that could cause damage to the forklift, the forklift operator and your products.


The Wiese Dock and Door Team will install and service dock levelers, dock lifts, dock shelters, and dock seals for commercial loading docks. Wiese has trained commercial loading dock specialists who will help you find, install, and maintain all of your loading dock equipment.