Turret Trucks


Simply put, Jungheinrich Turret Trucks save you money and make your operations run more efficiently.

Wiese and Jungheinrich will save you money

Solutions for Very Narrow Aisles

If you have space constraints in your warehouse, you need a turret truck. Warehouse optimization can help drive efficiency to match accelerating demand. When racks get closer, and aisles get narrower, the Jungheinrich Electric Turret Forklift is your answer.

Jungheinrich man-up and man-down turret trucks can be customized to your unique material handling application needs. Only Jungheinrich has a semi-automated, warehouse navigation system option. What does that mean to you? Jungheinrich Turret Trucks can significantly increase your productivity by up to 25%. How? Jungheinrich maps out your warehouse coordinates and your warehouse navigation system tells the operator where the next pallet is located. All the operator needs to do is move the throttle and the machine does the rest. No other lift truck manufacturer offers such capable technology.

Jungheinrich manufactures and sells more turret trucks than all our North American competitors combined.

Running up to two shifts on one battery charge, Jungheinrich Turret Trucks are designed for operator comfort, stability, and productivity. Every turret truck can be customized for your material handling application, allowing you to cater the forklift for greater productivity. Our technical experts understand that no two applications are the same. Contact Wiese today so we can help you with a customized and tailored solution to fit your needs.