Types of Loading Dock Doors

Specialty and Industrial Doors

Are your loading dock doors costing you money? Its more important than ever that you have the right doors for your warehouse so you are not wasting energy or money.

Wiese specializes in installing and maintaining industrial and commercial doors for both interior and exterior applications. Our trained commercial loading dock specialists ensure that your doors are installed and maintained to the highest standards, optimizing efficiency and minimizing costs for your business.

Types of Loading Dock Doors

Loading Dock Doors are ideal for use in municipal buildings, warehouses, shipping docks and any other application where value and energy efficiency is needed.

Sectional Overhead Doors are insulated sectional doors perfect for municipal buildings, warehouses, shipping docks, and other spaces prioritizing energy efficiency.

Rolling Steel Doors are dock doors featuring inverted steel panels and a locking bottom beam for ultimate security and performance.

High Speed Doors are utilized in warehouses and industrial settings, these doors offer rapid opening and closing capabilities.

Fire Doors are industrial and commercial fire door systems essential for areas requiring a fire barrier. Closing systems can include weight close, spring reel close, or motorized options.

Cold Storage Doors are high-speed refrigeration room doors designed for cold storage and freezer industries, maintaining temperatures as low as -22 degrees with built-in sensors and soft bottom edges for safety.

Clean Room Doors are designed for pharmaceutical facilities, factories, and processing plants where clean environments are crucial, these doors withstand harsh chemicals while maintaining sterility.

Bug Screen Doors are cost effective barriers against pests, enhancing security and ventilation. Easily integrated into existing overhead door systems.

Strip Doors are economic solutions for environments needing temperature control and separation. Flexible barriers that isolate employees from dust, noise, and pollutants without impeding traffic visibility or light.

Security Doors are manufactured with steel panels and a locking bottom beam, providing unparalleled security and performance. Commonly found in various industrial and government settings prioritizing security.