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Specialty Rental Equipment

Whether you need to rent equipment due to increase in demand in your business, supplement equipment that needs maintenance or repair, or you want to test drive a new machine, your local Wiese team is here when you need us.

You will find competitive rates with one of the largest fleets of specialty material handling equipment like Tuggers, Tow Tractors, Floor Care Equipment, Booms, Lifts, Personnel Carriers, Attachments, Chargers, Combilifts, and more.

An Experienced Rental team that you can trust


Be prepared for everything, even the unplanned.

With the largest fleet of rental equipment in the industry, Wiese USA has solutions for your warehouse and distribution center. At Wiese, we have boom lifts, aerial lifts, tuggers, tow tractors and more, all by the brand names you trust. Our industry experts are available to support your project planning, equipment decision, delivery and more. Wiese’s rental equipment solutions ensures that you will be able to keep your operations moving.

Whether you’re in the middle of an emergency or need help preparing for a project, your dedicated local team is available when you need them.

Tow Tractors for Rent

Tow tractors are warehouse and distribution machines that allow operators to move materials. They are usually used for transporting raw materials in warehouses and pallets of other goods in distribution centers.

Floor Care Equipment for Rent

Floor sweepers will sweep away dust and coarse dirt from flooring. Floor sweepers are generally quite heavy duty and can be used indoors or outdoors on surfaces such as stone, concrete and asphalt. Whatever your cleaning needs, your local Wiese team will find the right cleaning equipment to help you increase your cleaning productivity. Select from a variety of walk-behind and ride-on floor scrubbers and floor sweepers. 

Booms Lifts and Aerial Lifts for Rent

An aerial work platform, also known as an aerial device, elevating work platform, cherry picker, bucket truck or mobile elevating work platform is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height. A boom lift is a type of aerial lift designed to lift workers. It consists of a platform or bucket attached to a hydraulic arm and a grounded, movable base.

Personnel Carriers and Burden Carriers

Burden Carriers are engineered to increase the efficiency of your material handling operations. Capable of carrying up to 4,000 lbs. or tugging up to 18,000 lbs., these tough-as-nails burden carriers are strong and durable. Personnel carrier vehicles are designed to comfortably carry passengers through industrial plants, warehouses, job sites, or other types of work applications. Find seating for staff members and extra room for transporting their tools, equipment and more. When people walk instead of ride, operations slow, guest experiences suffer, and time wasted turns into money lost. No matter how many people you need to move, our electric vehicles get them where they need to be quickly and reliably.

Forklift Attachments

The type of attachment you need depends on the type of forklift you’re using and the material you are moving. Here are a few common forklift truck attachments: Fork Positioner, Fork Extensions , Fork Rotators , Forklift Boom, Paper Clamps, Multiple Pallet Handler, Push-Pull Attachments, and more.

Forklift Chargers

Not all battery chargers are alike and there is an ideal charger for every operation. It is important to consider all charging factors that contribute to your forklift utilization. Your local Wiese rental team will help you determine which charger is best for your business.

Combilift Forklifts

The multi-directional, stand-on forklift designed for the safe, space saving and productive handling of long and bulky loads. Perfect for handling long loads in small spaces with its all-wheel drive for all terrain capabilities.