Electrical Testing Equipment

Wiese and Feitek Sells and Rents Electrical Testing EquipmentFind the right electrical tester that’s accurate, safe, and easy to use.¬† Feitek offers all types of electrical test instruments for diagnosis, troubleshooting, and repairing of any products and devices. Our wide array of electrical testing equipment covers virtually every electrical testing application you might face.

Feitek has all the essentials to get the job done.

  • Phase Testers
  • Motor Rotation Testers
  • Current Transducers
  • Voltage Transducers
  • Current and Potential Transformers
  • Current Shunts
  • Circuit Tracers and Testers
  • Earth Ground Testers
  • Power and Data Loggers
  • Turns Radio Testers
  • Voltage Detectors
  • Hot Stick Testing


Our technical experts understand that no two applications are the same. Contact Feitek today so we can help you with a customized solution to fit your needs.