Automated Guided Vehicles


Jungheinrich Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) save you money and make your operations run more efficiently.

Wiese and Jungheinrich will save you money

The future of warehouse automation

Automated truck solutions and fully automatic transport are the main focus of automated guided vehicles (AGVs). These AGVs use intelligent automation components to automate standard production trucks and customize them to your individual requirements. AGVs help keep your employees safer due to the precision onboard safety controls. AGVs also help to reduce foot traffic making your warehouse or distribution center safer. Another benefit of having AGVs in your warehouse is being able to eliminate repetitive tasks driving operational costs down.

Wiese, in partnership with Jungheinrich, will supply the AGV with your required configuration, either in conjunction with an inventory management system or as a stand-alone solution. The automated truck solution is customized to your specific warehouse or distribution center so that the AGVs complete the job with perfect accuracy. AGVs work with high-speed doors, load changing on conveyor systems or level changes through freight elevators. The Jungheinrich AGVs can be easily integrated into your production environment and used safely in mixed operations.

Our technical experts understand that no two warehouses are the same. Contact Wiese today so we can help you with a customized and tailored solution to fit your needs.