Trackmobile Option Max Trac

Wiese Rail Services Trackmobile Max TracExtend your wheel and rail lift through using the Trackmobile MAX-Trac option (when installed). MAX-Trac is a traction control and anti-lock braking system that extends wheel life while improving both performance and safety. If wheel slippage should occur, the MAX-Trac system automatically modulates the engine to bring the wheel slippage under control within milliseconds. The system controls the slippage significantly faster than any employee operator.

If wheels begin to lock up during braking, the system pulsates your Trackmobile’s brakes to provide the maximum braking available. The added benefit to your rail yard is a reduction of rail wheel wear and possible wheel flat spots that can occur with severe brake lock-up.

Popular Trackmobile Options

Trackmobile serves many different industries receiving materials through rail service or rail yards. Each industry represents its own unique challenges in their daily operations. To meet these demands, we offer a wide variety of options to customize your Trackmobile.

Not Finding What you Need?

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