Rotary Broom

Trackmobile Rotary Broom

Wiese Rail Services Trackmobile Rotary BoomThis popular Trackmobile option easily removes snow, dirt and debris from rail tracks and rail crossings. The Trackmobile Rotary Broom is easy to service and will prove to be a durable tool for your operation. The broom has a 93 inch sweeping width and alternating nylon and steel bristle to ensure that fewer passes are required when sweeping a large area. You’ll spend fewer man-hours cleaning your worksites which means lowering your costs. Each Rotary Broom works off of the hydraulic system of your Trackmobile.

When choosing this option, a control box will be mounted in your Trackmobile’s cab, on the steering column, which allows angular control, raising and lowering, as well as starting and stopping of the broom.


Popular Trackmobile Options

Trackmobile serves many different industries receiving materials through rail service or rail yards. Each industry represents its own unique challenges in their daily operations. To meet these demands, we offer a wide variety of options to customize your Trackmobile.

Not Finding What you Need?

Our technical experts understand that no two applications are the same. Contact Wiese Rail Services today so we can help you with a customized the right solution to fit your needs.