Ground Control System

Trackmobile Ground Control System

Wiese Rail Services Trackmobile Max TranThe Trackmobile Ground Control System (GCS) takes safety to the next level. This ruggedly designed and waterproof, pocket-sized radio remote control is used by your ground personnel to apply brakes in an emergency situation. The GCS activates both the Trackmobile and the railcar’s brakes and then shifts the transmission into neutral. A groundman can activate brakes for safety while coupling train air hoses or stop railcar movement in an emergency with the touch of a button. The Trackmobile Ground Control System has an operating range of more than 1200 feet. The GCS operates on a long-lasting battery with a low power warning light. The GCS also offers frequency-hopping technology. There is no FCC license required.

Popular Trackmobile Options

Trackmobile serves many different industries receiving materials through rail service or rail yards. Each industry represents its own unique challenges in their daily operations. To meet these demands, we offer a wide variety of options to customize your Trackmobile.

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