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Welcome to Wiese Rail in Brighton, Colorado, a city just outside of Denver. 

Since 1944, Wiese USA has simplified our customers’ lives by delivering complete material handling solutions with excellent service. We you need to buy a new or used Trackmobile, rent a Trackmobile for short-term needs, or you need service on your current Trackmobile model, Wiese Rail in Utah is here for you.

Customized Solutions for Your Business Needs

Trackmobile builds the best machines that efficiently and safely move railcars. All Trackmobile models come equipped with standard features to ensure that operators perform at their best while keeping them safe. One of the features that sets Trackmobile apart from the competition is the steel and rubber wheels which allow for greater productivity and versatility. All models are customizable for your unique business applications.

Whether your job needs the Atlas, Titan, Hercules, or Viking, the goal of every Trackmobile unit is to ensure safety, reliability, ease of use, and low operational cost.

  • Atlas is Trackmobile’s highest capacity model. It is designed for more rugged and higher duty cycle applications and optimized for the most severe rail conditions and for operator comfort. As the premier model, the Atlas offers many options as standard features.
  • Titan is one of the most popular railcar movers ever. The Titan offers up to 33,116lbs of starting tractive effort.
  • Hercules is Trackmobile’s mid-range capacity model. Capacity wise, it is the market’s most popular class of machine to date. This model offers floating axles, to ensure 4 rail contacts at all times and an ergonomically design cab to provide operator comfort.
  • Viking is Trackmobile’s most nimble capacity model. Perfect for lower duty cycle applications where reliability is critical.

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