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Railcar Mover Service Solutions

Wiese USA is the Midwest and Western United States leader in Trackmobile railcar mover service capabilities. Our Certified Trackmobile Service Technicians specialize in providing service for all Trackmobile models. We understand your operation is different and you need custom-designed parts and service programs to meet your unique demands.


Trackmobile Safety Training:

Your team members will receive extensive hands-on training for the safe and proper operation of your Trackmobile railcar mover(s) and include a focus on the equipment, railing, coupling, and use of train air brakes as required by OSHA.

On-Call Service:

Besides receiving specialized and dedicated Trackmobile sales representatives and service technicians we also offer on-call service so when your equipment goes down you have someone to call and help you get up and running again.

Service Plans:

Offering custom-designed service plans tailored to meet the unique needs of your operation.

Planned Maintenance:

The objective of planned maintenance is to have a schedule inspection to reduce downtime by inspecting the equipment to eliminate surprises and assist in controlling your budgeted spend.

Total Maintenance & Repair (TM&R):

Keep your Trackmobile running in top operational condition and budget more efficiently with a custom Total Maintenance & Repair program with one fixed monthly rate.

Major Component Overhauls:

A major overhaul consists of the complete disassembly of a component. Our certified technicians inspect the component, repairs it as necessary, reassembles, tests, and approves it for return to service within the fits and limits specified by the manufacturer.


Equipped with all the right tools to get the job done right the first time.

Trackmobile service truck


Why are our customers so happy? Check out one of our customers Trackmobile service testimonial video below:

We offer your business dedicated sales representatives and service technicians focus on servicing the needs of railcar switching operations. With specialized service vehicles designed to exclusively maintain railcar movers, we are able to safely and effectively work on your equipment. 

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