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2021: A Renewed and Reimagined Focus on Safety

In 2021 and beyond, Wiese has committed to a renewed focus on Safety, including a comprehensive ‘Safe Haven’ project team who will be responsible for developing a culture of safety that ensures safety accountability at the Team Member level (moving from compliance to commitment) as well as developing and improving processes and training that reinforce safe behavior.

"Our goal is 'Zero is Possible.' Team Members go home safe and healthy everyday."

Safety Woven Into Wiese Systems and Culture

Values are very important at Wiese USA and help to enhance our culture. These core seven values have been incorporated to form the acronym SPECIAL. In 2021 we will be changing the ‘S’ to ‘Safety’ to recognize the priority and importance of Safety in the workplace so we can ensure each Team Member goes home safe and healthy. Our job descriptions, job postings, performance review, company intranet, email signatures, recruiting process and company website all reflect the importance of safety in everything we do.

Focus on Team Member & Management Involvement

Wiese has put together a team of experienced technicians (known as Technical Communicators) to help better identify the needs and hazards associated with the type of work performed. The feedback from this team will be used to drive future training, equipment purchases, and other safety improvements.

Monthly briefings will also be held with the CEO, COO, all Regional Directors of Operations and Regional Vice-Presidents to cover safety topics and issues. These individuals will also be invited to participate in all safety incident reviews and investigations.

Each location will participate in a mandatory monthly ‘Safety Shutdown’ which would be scheduled to occur on the same day and time for each region. The agenda of each Shutdown has been planned for the remainder of 2021 and will focus on a specific safety topic, including required training and acknowledgements following each meeting. There is also time dedicated to collect feedback from Team Members to help develop future safety topics and improve and create new safety protocols and procedures from those who are doing the work in the field.

The health and wellbeing of Team Members is taken very seriously and commitment to Team Member safety is an integral part of the Wiese culture. Our goal is to ensure that everyone goes home safe and healthy.

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