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Our Culture

Since 1944, Wiese has dedicated itself to building an organizational culture that emphasizes putting the needs of our customers and team members first.

Our vision is simple:  We wish to be recognized as the best solution for material handling needs and to treat our customers as we would want to be treated.  To achieve this vision, we strive to infuse our foundational values and culture into everything we do.  As an organization, we evaluate our success using the culture, vision, and values as our benchmarks and our guides.

Building the corporate culture is a way of life at Wiese and impacts how we interact with our customers, with vendors, and with each other as team members.  At Wiese, culture isn’t just a term that we use casually; it is a living entity that we take great pride in nurturing and sharing with others.  We believe that by building a strong corporate culture, we are better able to deliver high quality service and an enhanced experience for our customers, as well as fostering a great work environment for nearly 1000 team members.

Living Our Culture Every Day

  • We encourage our team members to recognize and share when their counterparts are going above and beyond the call of duty, living the values.
  • Adherence to Wiese values & culture are the core structure of Team Member performance reviews.
  • We focus on empowering our team members with technical knowledge and leadership training to enhance results and job satisfaction.
  • Branch dashboard rankings drive us to be the best solution for material handling solutions in our industry.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys & net promoter scores help us to focus on improvement.
  • We strive to hire team members that not only have the correct skill set, but also the right attitude that will help them to align with our culture and values.
  • We focus heavily on process improvement. It enables us to deliver the best results to our customers.

Using the Wiese Culture Grid to Guide Our Business

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