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Trackmobile Railcar Movers

Allow for greater productivity and versatility within virtually any industry.

Wiese Trackmobile provides unmatched safety and efficiency features that can give your company a leading edge. With a commitment to providing the most reliable and agile railcar movers in the market, Trackmobile allows for a reduction in operating costs and increases your bottom line. Regardless of industry, we have a variety of experts in just about every field utilizing rail transportation. Trackmobile is specifically designed with agility and speedy delivery in mind

Grain and Agriculture: The United States is the world's largest grain producer. Railcars carry millions of tons of grain every year and projections show that demand will continue to grow. Commodity marks can be volatile and planning can be rushed and last minute. This means that transporting grains quickly and safely is a critical function of the agriculture industry. Wiese' Trackmobile Railcar Movers are reliable, efficient, and able to meet the current and future needs of the grain and agriculture production markets.

Construction: requires a continuous supply of raw and recovered materials in order to meet the growing and competitive demands. Inputs such as iron ore, fluxing stone or lime, and benotine require railcars to deliver raw materials to facilities safely and cost-effectively. Construction companies need manufactured steel and related products to be delivered efficiently and Trackmobile ensures that they are able to transport their shipments on-time and on-budget.

Power and Fuel: As sources and means of consumption for energy have transformed over the years, Wiese's Trackmobile line has worked reliably to meet customer demand and ensure that the commodities powering the country continue to move quickly and safely. The energy industry requires stable sources of fuel, in the same regard railcar movers provide the most reliable methods of reaching utility companies and consumers in the rail market.

Aggregates: Aggregates are a necessary part of virtually all modern construction projects. Producers of these raw materials look for transportation solutions that deliver their products to the right place at the right time. Wiese provides a safe and efficient way to transport raw materials from quarries to cement and concrete plants.

Chemical: Trackmobile Railcar Movers provide a safe system for transportation from chemical production facilities to the consumers of chemical compounds. Our efficient and cost-effective railcar movers help chemical companies stay on schedule and meet demand. We work with you in mind to ensure the safety and quality of your products as they travel to consumers across the country.

Intermodal Distribution and Logistics: Railcar movers are especially useful in distribution due to their bimodal nature. The benefits of railcar movers include an increase of material speed and throughput, regardless of the weather. Avoidance of bottlenecks through increased mobility and flexibility. Avoidance of scheduling delays due to advanced signaling and transit time.

Forestry and Paper: At Wiese we want our customers to feel confident that their operations and products are as safe as possible when transporting materials over long stretches of rail. Trackmobile railcar movers are designed to get maximum power and speed while maintaining visibility and state of the art safety technologies. Trackmobile is made with the operators in mind, featuring comfortable and easy to operate joystick and armrest controls. Even though poor weather conditions, onboard air controls, and diagnostics provide the industry top rail operator features.

Our Commitment:

At Wiese, we recognize that transportation delays equal lost freight which equals lost profits. Our units are designed to avoid downtime and increase flexibility to ensure timely delivery. We pride ourselves on service reliability so your products and move from origination to the market with ease. Our commitment to providing a more profitable and reliable experience is unmatched. A Trackmobile from Wiese can help your operation:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by giving you more control over the movement of your products.
  • Avoid costly bottlenecks and scheduling fees, reducing the overall cost of operation.
  • Minimize environmental concerns by providing you with environmentally-friendly engines that meet and exceed emissions regulations.
  • Provide safer logistical alternative to on-road freight carriers.
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