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Our Values

Values are very important at Wiese USA and help to enhance our culture. These founding principles were established and lived by company founder, Harold Wiese, over 70 years ago. This prominent piece of “who we are” as a company helps us to stand out from other organizations and brings tangible and intangible value to our customers and team members. At Wiese we ultimately try to live the golden rule, treat others as we want to be treated.


Time is a scarce and valuable resource for our customers. We strive to not only work efficiently and effectively, but also to arm our service and sales team with the knowledge and tools to enable them to act quickly.


Putting people first has always been a core principle of our organization. We know that happy and engaged team members are essential if we are to have delighted customers. We focus on enhancing safety, providing industry leading training and development opportunities, and promoting from within.


Wiese’s vision is to be recognized as the best solution for material handling needs. We know that we must be innovative and add value to our customers in order to achieve this objective. Through process improvement, out-of-the-box thinking, and investments in technology, we bring a unique set of benefits to our customers


We love making customers happy and developing long standing relationships. We aren’t just out to sell or service your equipment, we strive to help our customer succeed by bringing innovative ideas that improve operations and reduce costs.


Wiese stands by the work that we perform, the equipment that we sell, and the commitments that we make. We treat customers and team members as we would want to be treated. Doing the right thing is the expectation, not an option.


We expect our team members and our organization as a whole to do what we say we are going to do. We hold ourselves to high standards and ask our customers to let us know if we are not performing in accordance with this value.


Our founder, Harold Wiese, believed in empowering his team members to make decisions and work together to find the best solution for the customer’s needs. We believe that training and development are key to promoting the value of leadership within our organization.

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